Yorkshire´s Own Murder
Mystery Evenings

Our experienced group of talented actors can stage murder mystery events in hotels, clubs, pubs and private residences

Whether your special occasion is an anniversary, birthday, wedding or a corporate function, our fully ‘guest-interactive’ events can be tailored to your individual requirements and requests.

Pre-dinner get together, meet the characters and see if you can pick up any clues

Dinner is announced, everyone takes their seat and the characters introduce themselves

Dinner is served and the plot unfolds right before your eyes with you being fully interactive and involved

Between courses the characters will mingle with the guests dropping clues as well as giving you the chance to ask questions

Our events are ideal for:

Hotel Theme Nights



Seasonal Parties

Corporate Entertaining

For more information contact:

E: midsupper.murders@gmail.com

T: 07807 187646

Choose from our repertoire of plots and scenarios:

‘Dust to Dust’

‘A Fairway to Die’

‘Murder on the Piste’

‘Felony at Freddy’s Birthday Party’

‘CSI: Olde York’

‘The 'M' Factor’

‘Dead Lucky?’


‘Old Habits Die Hard’

‘A Villainous Village Fate’

‘Cyanide at the School Reunion’

Who would have guessed so much tension and malice existed at this upmarket golf club? All is not well at the supposedly joyful golf annual dinner and the guests will be lucky to see any silverware distributed tonight!

The evening culminates with the discovery of a dead body found slumped in the car park and YOUR help is needed to track down the murderer...